Soccer team enjoys early-season success

Amaya Warren, Reporter/Photographer

The boys soccer team has started its season with a new coach and some new players. 

The head soccer coach is Andrew Fletcher and the assistant coach is G.T McDonald. Coach Fletcher’s thoughts on the soccer team are, “It has been a lot of fun and the team collectively has brought a lot of success and they’ve had a good season so far.” 

The young men played in The Ruskin Invitational tournament on Sept. 3 against Fort Osage. The Bulldogs suffered a 2-1 loss. The Bulldogs bounced back the next day to beat Ruskin, 6-0.

Angel Rocha (center back) says that “This year is more organized than all his other years and that he thinks this could be the year that they go far in the season.”

Freshman Arturo Ramirez says that he’s brought passion and dedication to the team’s overall composure. He also says that since this year is the first year playing soccer it gives him opportunities to play against more experienced players and it allows him to enjoy playing with his fellow teammates. 

Vicente Rodrigrez is a freshman and says that a goal he wants to make it to the  conference game with his team and wants to score 15 goals.

Jason Perez (midfield or forward), has scored 32 goals in his highschool career and for his senior year he wants to win districts and continue onto the next game and hopefully win state.