Football Season Update

Ezekiel Drane, Reporter/ Photographer

Football Season Update

The football season started off a little shaky, but the team has gained confidence as a unit on and off the field. The Bulldogs varsity team now holds a 5-5 record, and is still in hopes of pushing their percentage over .500. The Bulldogs are now on a three game winning streak and are planning to keep their streak going.

“Winning the game against will guarantee us home advantage in the playoff championship game,” says varsity defensive end Jay’Len Thompson.

Even though the Bulldogs have struggled the first few games, the team hasn’t let that stop them from continuing to fight for a win each and every game.

“Even though we struggled in the beginning of the season, it didn’t stop us from getting the job done each and every game. I was happy to finally break the record, which is a big accomplishment for me,” says senior Defensive line Cartez Crook-Jones.