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Students prepare for summer fun

Nya Starr, Reporter/Photographer

April 29, 2019

School’s almost out and students and even teachers are starting to plan ahead for their summer activities. At Grandview, there are summer activities such as summer school, A+, and even the cheerleader and football team...

Yearbook is taking action

A'Drionna Christopher, Reporter/Photographer

April 23, 2019

Snap, Snap, goes the camera lens. Watch the faces you make because it will be remembered forever. Within yearbook, students get to leave class and interview people, go to all types of school events, and have the opportunity to ...

Students evaluate real life situations that deal with money

Jay'Len Thompson, Reporter/Photographer

April 13, 2018

A group of GHS students experienced what the real world was like on Feb. 15. The event was called “Mad City Money,” and during the day multiple classes learned how to stay on a budget and pay for necessities. The activit...

It’s a big job, but Willoughby manages

Toni Graves, Reporter/Photographer

November 20, 2017

He's never strapped on a helmet or lined up for a play, but for four years this GHS senior has been a big part of the the Bulldogs football team. Cody Willoughby has been dedicated to managing the team that not only are his friends ...

Yearbook rap

May 16, 2017

Ceramics students mold clay into works of art

Madison Neal, Reporter/Photographer

April 10, 2017

Starting with nothing but a lump of clay, These GHS students strive to create unique artworks. Students in Nicole Peachers ceramics classes work each day to create works of art by pinching, cutting and rolling more than 200...

Garden blossoms under care of students

Tayla Alexander, Reporter/Photographer

September 27, 2016

Salad, anyone? Mr. Cooper’s B6 ecology class is growing a garden in the school’s courtyard. The class started this project the first day of school and it will end when the weather begins to get cold in October or November...

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