Basketball players anticipate return to postseason run

Ezekiel Drane and JayLen Thompson, Reporters/Photographers

This winter sport brings a lot of intensity with it. The bleachers will be filled with many fans, but with that comes pressure. Those on the basketball team don’t seem to be worried, and only have one focus in mind. Winning state.

The basketball players are conditioning for this upcoming season. Their conditioning includes: running around the track, lifting weights, on-court drills, and other conditioning activities.

“Conditioning plays a huge part,” said sophomore guard Reggie Morris. “You can’t run up and down the court without being in shape. The goal is to win state. My individual goal is to do my part to win state. Whatever it takes,” Morris added.

Aside from getting back on the court, the athletes are also happy to be working side by side again.

“It feels good be back with my boys. When it comes down to it, it’s the whole team as one coming together to hit that game winning shot,” said varsity guard Liashwuon Boston, a junior.

Meanwhile, the team has the same goal at the end of the season and that’s winning the state championship.

“My mindset is to go back to state and win the championship. It’s win or bust at this point,” said senior Cartez Crook-Jones.

With that in mind, the team has goals that they want to accomplish for this upcoming season. “Always play hard and together as a team, and never take anything for granted,” said junior guard Deondre Sorrells.

The Bulldogs are hoping to achieve an improved season this upcoming year over their great season last year, which ended with a record of 24-5, the second-best record in school history.