Schwab hits right notes with ‘This Savage Song’

Karace Hawkins, Reporter/Photographer

Victoria Schwab is at it again with new killer books. The book This Savage Song was released into the world in the year 2016. This Savage Song was given very high rating from all around the world. The book is classified for young teens.

The book is considered fantasy and science fiction. It is also very action-packed with drama tangled into the plot. This Savage Song is a book that circles around the main characters: Kate Harker and August Flynn.

This book also features different twists and a new set of monsters no one has even dreamed about except for Schwab.

The book revolves around two teenagers in the midst of an oncoming war. August Flynn wants to be normal but has no chance of being that way at all, especially when he sings. Kate Harker wants to prove to her dad that she can be cold, cruel, and heartless just like her father and stay with him. Flynn is given the assignment to spy on Kate at school but soon they get close and run away towards the end as things get rougher at home.  

This Savage Song gives incredible details of everyone important. It switches points of view between the two main characters and even gives insight on what they think of each other and their deepest secrets.  

When I first watched the film, I was not disappointed in one bit. It was another great hit just like The Archived and The Unbound. Every second was amazing. The author did an amazing job on transitioning into the different points of the book. Everything flowed smoothly and in place.

The descriptions of everyone were extremely detailed to where everyone could form an image perfectly.  Nothing left untouched.

Readers all over will not be disappointed. I give this book a 10 out of 10.