Old video game consoles battle with new counterparts

Benjamin Buller, Opinion Editor

How would a gaming console that is $100 or less sound?

There is a corporation called Hyperlink that develops and sells technology available online. They are creating a new gaming system that plays only old games. It will not only be affordable, but it will be able to hook up to the newer TV’s HDMI systems and be able to play NES, Famicom, Super NES, Super Famicom, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Sega Mega Drive, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance.

Imagine! All ten of those retro gaming systems in one console — called the Retron 5 —  for only $100.

But the fact that they are making a new console that plays old games does raise good questions: “Why the old games, why not the new games, why are you making this console?” The answer is the old consoles are better than the new consoles. They are cheap, they are still really cool, and they are all different.

For the amount of money that one would spend on the new Xbox One console ($500 without tax) one could go to Vintage Stock or even Amazon and purchase up to 10 old gaming consoles. At price, if something malfunctions, it won’t be that expensive to get a replacement part, or a replacement system. Not to mention now-a-days the games are generally under $20.

In addition, it is very interesting to step back in time and just see what gaming was like back during the time of the Atari. And even if it’s not as new as the 360 which will sometime in the future be considered ancient, it’s still much cheaper and one still gets to play video games. Plus, it might be notable that the newer systems still use technology from the old systems; they really aren’t that different.

Speaking of different, vintage games are different. It isn’t like today where they all just enhance the graphics and add a weapon or two and call it new. They also added new features, but often the original game would be, for example, an action first person shooter, then the sequel would be a werewolf rpg.

Now, the games that come out are really all the same, just with different storylines. Everything is just tweaked a bit here and there and they call that a new game. Another thing is there are game genres that aren’t even found on the newer systems but are found on the older systems. Also, the systems each had something special that made them unique to have. For example, N64 had no loading screens, and the Dreamcast had the best graphics, and very awesome titles.