GTA V does not disappoint

Davion Huey, Copy Editor

Every few years a game comes out that grabs the attention (prominently) of the nation’s youth and sends them into a massive gaming frenzy. More often than not, that game is Grand Theft Auto and with the recently released GTA V this theory holds true.

The new GTA has reignited the sparks of interest in the vast amount of fans spread throughout the country. With its new features, style of gameplay, and thrilling story (as well as engrossing side content) the game left little room for disappointment. Not only that, the addition of an online multiplayer to the franchise pushed demand over the top.

GTA V takes place in Los Santos, San Andreas, which is also the setting of one of the series’ previous games (also possibly the greatest). The improvement in graphic quality of the older game world was a welcome present to those who’ve played the game before. New areas to explore, combined with aspects of modern society, provides the player with a variety of new experiences and unique pasttimes within the game.

The focus of the game is pretty much the same as its predecessors with the addition of three main characters versus the one. Each character has their own personality and missions that are available exclusively to them. There are also the occasional missions where they have to work together to achieve a similar goal.

If it were just gameplay alone this game wouldn’t be quite so compelling, but due to the fascinating storyline and other unique features, I give this game an 8.5/10.