Teyana’s new release reaches high on the charts

Elijah Dawson, Staff Writer

Earlier this month marked of the debut album Vll from recording artist Teyana Taylor. This album release day was Nov. 4, by Def Jam Recordings and GOOD music. Leading up to this album, Teyana only had one prior album, The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor (2012).

Along with signing with GOOD music and collaborating on album Cruel Summer (2012), Teyana hasn’t had much of a musical career. But her new album Vll is breaking down boundaries with a whole sultry/R&B feel.

Including performances from Chris Brown, Fabolous, Pusha-T, and Yo-Gotti. Teyana’s new album is already hitting R&B charts with a blast. Teyana’s album hit number one in the R&B/Hip-hop charts within the first days of her release. Selling 16,000 sets before the ending week of her release.

The 23-year-old artist also went from 13 to 11 with the early release of “Maybe” featuring Pusha-T and Yo-Gotti, reaching a new height in the song’s 17th week, with streaming of this song surpassing 588,000 views. Teyana’s new album is really taking off, leading her new and great places. Only in the 2nd week from the release of the album Vll. It is climbing to number 1 on R&B/hip-hop charts.

Teyana’s new sound is great: sultry and R&B sounds explode through the album. Reaching high on charts and with her release of Vll it will only continue.