Yancey’s latest book supplies a ‘sea’ of emotions

Jennifer Anderson, Staff Writer

Rick Yancey astounds the literature world with the second installment of The Fifth Wave series, The Infinite Sea. This book was released recently.

The story line was impeccable and captivating. Set in a post apocalyptic world, Cassie and her pals are set upon to defeat the “Others” that have taken over Earth. The plot  doesn’t take off right when The Fifth Wave ends, but in an unfamiliar place with a new character.

This book skipped right over the slump that second books in trilogies usually have. Worded from the heart and utilizing amazing metaphors, The Infinite Wave can be characterized as a masterpiece.

Through the character development, Cassie Sullivan grows stronger and builds her relationships with Ben and Evan.  Nugget, Cassie’s younger brother, is shown growing up and becoming more independent. Yancey also addresses what happens with the disappearance of Evan, and the readers are able to catch up with him.

A new character point of view is introduced, and she is known as Ringer. In her new point of view, chapters are dedicated to her opinions and viewpoints. Ringer, along with other characters, allows the book to flow steadily with the changing of point of views in each chapter.

The Infinite Sea is definitely worth a read if you are interested in post-apocalyptic or dystopian novels. Since this is the second book in a trilogy, one more book will be released to wrap up the series.