Sleep is crucial to success in school

Brittany Hiatt, Staff Writer

Grandview High School students are beyond tired through the day! Sleep is very important to kids these days. Students seem to be thinking that school is taking that away. Overall, you need school and you need sleep.

Sleep is a wonderful thing and lots of kids just love to sleep. Sleep is very important, especially when it comes to being able to stay alert in school. When you get a good night of sleep it helps you focus. When you sleep well, you will have a better day and not feel so drowsy.

It is well established that a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast can improve test scores. Sleep is very important for a good education.

It seems many students don’t realize that. More and more kids are staying up late, and that can affect their performance in school. A good night’s sleep is important to be well prepared for the day.

I hear many students say they feel more tired in the morning when they go to sleep earlier rather than later. First off, yes, that could be true, but later in the day you don’t still feel tired. The opposite is also true. If you go to sleep late, you’re not as tired in the morning, but later in the day you are bound to crash and feel miserable.

Sometimes students complain about how school takes away from their sleep, but too often students are going to bed at 1 or 2 a.m. and they wonder why they get so tired.

Students who get better sleep at night seem to be happier and want to learn more.

Overall, students need a good sleep at night to make it through a good and successful day at school. Going to bed earlier is something that should be encouraged by parents and teachers.