The Walking Dead mid-season finale reveals huge plot twist

Jennifer Anderson, Staff Writer

The fifth mid-season finale of The Walking Dead ended a few weeks ago, and it does not disappoint. Rick sets the record straight with saying that his group isn’t one to be messed with.

In the beginning, most of the audience was anxious to see where Beth was taken. Fortunately, everyone finds out that she was at a hospital due to her sprained ankle. The cast doesn’t figure that out until one new character, Noah, escapes and is found by Michonne.

From here, the plot took off, with having the task of rescuing Beth and killing the people that took her.

After last season, the threat of the leaders of Terminus were apparent for a while. Things go down with them, with one of the groups being deeply hurt. Everything gets wrapped with a not-so-happy ending, ending with the death of a main character.

For just half a season, it was action packed and climatic. The final part premieres Feb. 8 on AMC.