‘Bang’ offers suspenseful, heart-felt read

Adoniyah Clarke, Reporter/Photographer

The book “Bang!” By Sharon G. Flake is an amazing book about how a young boy is forced to grow up and face reality while struggling with the real world. The main character, Mann, along with his mother, is struggling with the loss of his brother, who was killed in a shooting.

His father, on the other hand, is determined force Mann to get over it. He constantly tells Mann to be more of a man about it and get over it because there will worse things he’ll have to approach in life.

The main character and his best friend, Kee Lee,  are dropped off in the middle of nowhere to deal with their struggles.

This book is a suspenseful, heart-felt thriller about the adversities of having to grow up in not only a tough neighborhood but in a tough life. As Mann will find out, it will take a bigger heart to get over just one death, because there are many more deaths to come.