What Spring Looks Like in the Courtyard


Inga Jensen, Staff Writer

Sustainable Living is a relatively new class, considering it was introduced last year. Despite this, Sustainable Living is one of the most flexible and entertaining classes Grandview High School offers. “The class is really fun if you enjoy gardening or learning how to be sustainable and not hurt the environment,” sophomore Kayla Thomas stated.

Spring is in the air and Sustainable Living class has much planned for the season. Around this time of year, students plant in the garden beds. Before they do this, the students first design their garden beds in class to get the perfect representation of what they want the courtyard to look like.

This includes choosing what to grow and whether to start from seed or from a transplant. After everything is planned out, students put natural fertilizer on the garden beds and start to get them prepared. “We are filling up the compost and filling up places that need the dirt,” sophomore Klayton Thomas said.

Fifteen cubic yards of soil have been donated to Grandview High School. “The class will be hard at work moving dirt for the next couple weeks,” Sustainable Living teacher Kyla Serrano stated.

la Serrano stated.

Gardening and planning are not the only things students do. The class has gone on many field trips to learn more from experts about sustainability and how what we as humans do impact the environment.

Sustainable Living has such a positive impact on students and the ideologies they hold with wanting to make Earth a better place. Grandview High School is looking forward to more exciting things they have planned.