It’s a big job, but Willoughby manages

Toni Graves, Reporter/Photographer

He’s never strapped on a helmet or lined up for a play, but for four years this GHS senior has been a big part of the the Bulldogs football team.

Cody Willoughby has been dedicated to managing the team that not only are his friends but feels like his family.

“Nothing makes me happier in life than managing with my family,” said Willoughby.

Willoughby is immensely proud to be a part of the team because he enjoys helping out such an amazing group of people.

“When I look back at each season I can’t believe I was so blessed to spend four years helping out such an amazing group of people,” says Willoughby.

Jeremie Picard, head coach of the football team appreciates Willoughby’s efforts to meet the teams needs.

Picard says “He is one of the most critical family members we’ve got.”

Some of his basic duties includes filling water, gathering equipment, running the clock or film during games for the players, and running film highlights for practices, games and summer camps.

Willoughby said “The games can start of a little stressful when they have to set up for the games in a limited amount of time.”

Willoughby is basically like the head manager of the team and makes sure he prepares new managers to take his place when he graduates.

Willoughby said he never really planned on managing, but a coach asked him if he wanted to help and he agreed since he had nothing better to do his 8th grade year. He has been in love with managing ever since.

After he graduates he plans on attending the University of Kansas to manage football at the next level and pursue a degree in sports management.