Summer is a State of Mind


Anaya Paige-Czech, Staff

Summer Jobs are a fantastic way to learn about time management, the actual value of money, and the importance of it.

Teacher Pamela Burham thinks that more students should be involved in summer jobs. “There are many benefits that students can obtain from the interview process to actually having a job,” Burham said.

If you are looking for a summer job,  you are in luck as there are many jobs that are hiring in the Grandview area. The car wash, restaurants, and stores in Truman Corners are all hiring.

Sophomore Raven Lawhorn believes that having a summer job is a nice way to save money to put it towards life experiences and just to have fun with friends as a teen. “A lot of people are hiring, lots of people need workers, and it gives students something to do during the summer,” Lawhorn said.

Summer jobs don’t just teach you time management and the real value of money, but it also teaches teens about what is to come after high school.