GHS Foreign Exchange Students Share Their Experiences


Brianna Zink, Staff Writer




Exchange student programs allow students all over the world to study abroad in another country. It provides students with an opportunity to experience the history and culture of another country. Grandview High School loves people from all over the world to come to see what we have to offer.

This year’s students are named Valeria Quintana and Francesco Proscio. They are from unique towns in Italy and Spain. They wanted to be a part of this amazing program because they wanted to try something new and explore the ‘American Dream’ that they had always seen on television. 

“My dream was to go to American schools,” Italy foreign-exchange student Francesco Proscio explained. “I’ve seen what it was like through the movies and it seemed really nice.”

Both Francesco and Valeria both had trouble adapting here because Spain and Italy both have different school systems that are completely different from the American school system. “The school is so different,” Valeria Quintana said. “In Spain, we stay in the same class with the same people all day and the teacher moves around.” 

Despite their challenges to adapt, they enjoyed themselves here in America. They participated in various sports including soccer, swimming, and baseball. Some of these sports aren’t offered to them in their home country. 

They made amazing memories this year. “I wanted to travel the world and explore ‘American life’. Overall, I think it’s a good experience and I want to come back for college,” Quintana said.

Grandview High School is so lucky to have this program and to have students like Valeria and Francesco here to explore new cultures and experiences. We wish them luck on their next adventure.