Mary Rhodes Says Her Final Words After 33 Years


A'Myah Bankston, Staff Writer


There are very few people who have not seen her face going into the nurse’s office. District Health Service Coordinator Mary Rhodes has been working in the Grandview District for 33 years. She attended Grandview High School. Later after high school, she majored in nursing at Avila University. 

Rhodes believes that the student population hasn’t changed much, but she does notice new additions in the school. Over the past 33 years, there have been some changes around the school. Grandview now has a new wing, an auditorium, the north gym, and a bigger library. 

“I love the people here,” Rhodes said. They’ve been a really good support system for me,” Rhodes stated. She’s still close with people who have retired and has made many friendships at Grandview High School.

People who retire usually have a bucket list of things they would like to do. However, Mary Rhodes has other plans for what she wants to do. “I don’t really have a lot of plans. I have a big stack of books I would like to get into, and a deck I want to sit on. I just plan to relax,” Rhodes said. 

There are many people who enjoyed Mary Rhodes’ presence at the high school. “I will probably miss her sense of humor and being able to talk to her every day,” Grandview High School Healthroom Para Nancy DalPorto stated. 

During the Covid Pandemic, many staff and students relied on Mary Rhodes. She has been a huge part of the Grandview Community and will be dearly missed. 

Several other employees are also retiring this year. English Teachers Mark Cox and Dana Dixon, Foreign Language Teacher Bradley Reynolds, ProStart Teacher Cheryl Landers, Math Teacher Don Sutcliffe, and Special Education Teacher Melanie Bathgate are very important to the Grandview School District and will be truly missed. Combined they spent 156 years here at Grandview High School. 

We will miss you all!