Opportunities await in summer school

A chance to catch up!

Opportunities await in summer school

Malaisha Woodson, Staff Writer

Every summer, the Grandview School District offers credit recovery courses for high school students. This year, the summer school principal VaShawn Smith will give students the opportunity to take courses in person at Grandview Middle School or online through Odysseyware. Summer school courses will begin on June 7. This is important because students will get the chance to make up any credits missed during the school year. 

A flyer sent out to parents explains the dates of summer school and rewards for students who complete the program.

This year, the district is anticipating over 400 K-12 students district-wide, and class sizes will most likely be a 1:20 teacher-student ratio. Parents still have the opportunity to enroll their children by calling after May 28. “Summer school enrollment was completed via-online registration,” assistant principal Bridget Williams said. 

The first few sessions will be held at Grandview Middle School from June 7 to June 30.  The second session will be held at CAIR from July 7 to July 30. Online enrollment ends May 28 but parents can still manually enroll their children after this date if credit recovery is applicable.

Summer school is for students who are in need of credit recovery and for students who want to get ahead before the next school year. Summer school is also available to give students a chance to better their education during summer so they won’t feel overwhelmed with facing new obstacles during the upcoming school year. 

There are three separate options for students this year. One option is onsite credit recovery at Grandview Middle School. This gives students who are needing to pass a course an opportunity to raise their semester grades that fall between 40% and 50%. Credit recovery is available both in-person and online for those who did not earn credit for a class.

The last alternative option is credit acquisition that runs from June 7 to June 30. This is available for eighth grade and high school students. “Students can complete online courses for high school credit,” Williams stated.

There will also be fun activities offered as incentives. “Those who qualify may be able to participate in the summer enrichment program through Barstow,” Williams said. “This will take place after the regular summer school session.” 

The program through allows students who have a completed credit recovery can receive a free week of camp activities that includes fun outings such as Worlds of Fun, the Kansas City Zoo and Dave & Busters. This can be an incentive for students to take credit and acquisition classes. 

This summer school year will be filled with fun adventures and opportunities for students to stay ahead of their peers. To find more information about the summer school program go to https://www.grandviewc4.net/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=708934&type=d&pREC_ID=1138952