Students prepare for summer fun

Nya Starr, Reporter/Photographer

School’s almost out and students and even teachers are starting to plan ahead for their summer activities.

At Grandview, there are summer activities such as summer school, A+, and even the cheerleader and football team’s fundraising car wash. When school is out, it’s the time to have fun and live in the moment.

GHS Junior Marley Spring says she will be going to Florida and South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach. “My mom has friends down there that we visit during the summer time,” Spring said.

Spring isn’t the only one who will be traveling, though. Kylie Hicks will be going to Oklahoma this summer with family and is going to be working a ton.

Other than traveling, Bulldogs will be doing other activities that maybe you would like to try. Julian Wallace is going to have a paintball war this summer as well.

“Me and my friends just go around and when we catch each other out its war time,” Wallace said. He will also be going to Panama where a lot of his family lives.

Students are not the only ones who will be having fun, though.

Teachers  do things other than sit in a classroom and teach students about the human heart.

Mr. Grasher, an English teacher, says even though he will be teaching during summer school, he and his wife will be remodeling the bathrooms in their house. He will also be teaching at his church.

Grandview students have plenty of summer plans. Make sure you keep your Bulldog spirit for the new school year. Make sure that your summer is one you won’t forget.