Yearbook is taking action

A'Drionna Christopher, Reporter/Photographer

Snap, Snap, goes the camera lens. Watch the faces you make because it will be remembered forever.

Within yearbook, students get to leave class and interview people, go to all types of school events, and have the opportunity to take pictures that will be immortalized within a book forever for many generations to look upon.

With yearbook, there also comes great responsibility.

“In the yearbook, you have to get everything done in a timely manner or it will mess everything up,” said Estrella Hernandez, junior.

Each student is given a spread, and once that happens they are fully responsible for getting those pages done in a timely manner.

“Making sure that I have the dates right was pretty challenging. I had to make sure that I had the people’s names right and that every event I went to I got good content,” said Jorden Kizine, a sophomore.  

The students also have to make sure their availability matches up with the events of their spread, that they get good quotes and pictures, and write a good story that sums up for their yearbook pages, all under a deadline.

“It’s important to be flexible with your time, and you have to make sure when you enter the classroom that you’re working very hard in order to complete everything you’re signed up for,” said Hannah Harris, a sophomore.  

Being on yearbook isn’t all that bad and not solely depend on worksheets and lectures.

The students actually enjoy what they do and they understand how important it is to take on the great responsibility of being on the yearbook staff.

“I think it’s really cool to create something that students will look back at when they’re older,” said Lily Rogers, a sophomore.

So if you think you can handle the pressure and great responsibility of the yearbook then you should most definitely join the Grandview Sr. High yearbook staff.