Students evaluate real life situations that deal with money

Jay'Len Thompson, Reporter/Photographer

A group of GHS students experienced what the real world was like on Feb. 15. The event was called “Mad City Money,” and during the day multiple classes learned how to stay on a budget and pay for necessities.

The activity was a huge learning experience for all the GHS students. Students all learned from the good and bad. Sophomore Daisy Cervantes knew that keeping a good budget was important with her situation.

The the way you spend your money is very crucial in no matter what you’re buying,” Cervantes said.

“There were many times that the clerk tried to persuade us to buy an expensive item,” said sophomore Camden Smith.

It put pressure on the students and their decision making. Having to pay for all the crucial stuff was big for Smith.

“It felt like a lot of responsibility having to pay for everything for you and your family and trying to make sure you don’t go over your budget,” said Smith.

Being able to stay on budget was easy and tough for a few students. You don’t ever want to be in debt. As for this student, he was in debt and it was hard for him.

“I feel bad, and it makes me think about the real world,” said Louis Mendiola.

Mad City Money taught students to be responsible with their money. It helped prepare students for the real world. It changed many students’ perspective on how they should spend their money.