Ceramics students mold clay into works of art

Madison Neal, Reporter/Photographer

Starting with nothing but a lump of clay, These GHS students strive to create unique artworks.

Students in Nicole Peachers ceramics classes work each day to create works of art by pinching, cutting and rolling more than 200 pounds of clay a year.

“I like being able to be creative and improving my work each time,” said Simone Anderson, a junior.

In ceramics, there are many different projects. These projects range from independent work to specific assignments.

“Our first few projects were very specific and now we get to be as independent and as creative as we want,”said junior Timolin Dooley.

On the surface, making something out of clay may sound simple, but ceramics students quickly realize that the techniques and skills needed are challenging.

“I signed up for ceramics with the idea that it would be easy, but I ended up having to learn so many techniques,” said sophomore Latyrda Cartwright.

Peacher enjoys teaching ceramics because it allows students to become independent.

“After teaching the basics, students become independent and have freedom to express themselves,” Ms. Peacher said.