Blue and Gold Brigade take an astounding trip to Disney World

Jennifer Anderson, Staff Writer

While most students were spending time with family over the break, Grandview High School’s very own marching band went on an outstanding trip to Disney World in Florida. While there, they performed and got to explore the park.

The marching band students left Grandview on Dec. 26. They spent a day and a half traveling through many states to reach Florida.

Throughout the trip, the students had several activities planned. On the first day, they spent time having fun at the Epcot theme park. Before going to the beach and the Kennedy Space Center, the marching band went to a music workshop and played music for a Tarzan short film. The next day was spent at the Animal Kingdom. On day four, the students spent time at Hollywood Studios. On the last day, the marching band participated in a parade around the park and then went to Magic Kingdom.

“I think the trip made us closer and better players,” said sophomore Mari Parker.

The trip was a success. While there, the kids stayed at the Disney All Stars Music Resort.