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Erika Martinez

Erika Martinez, Staff Writer

Erika Martinez is a junior at Grandview High School. Erika plans after finishing school to proceed in studying to become a phlebotomist.  A phlebotomist is a healthcare professional who draws blood from patients. Erika is most interested in art class because she is able to be creative. 

In her free time, she likes to draw and color.  She is currently enrolled in journalism with Diane Euston.  Erika is a fan of writing, and journalism is the best way she could learn more about photography as well. She has been in Grandview for about five years. Many people describe her as a quiet, focused, and mature, but Erika is talkative to people she knows.

Erika currently does not do any extracurricular activities because she mostly works after school.   She is a manager in an authentic Mexican restaurant in Grandview. At 16 years old, she has her future all planned out. Erika also tries to get the best grades possible although it is a struggle for her sometimes. Even with limited time, Erika strives to get A’s and B’s to provide a better life for her parents one day.


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Erika Martinez