Students take the ACT

Shania Holt and Tori Graves

On April juniors spent the day taking the ACT at Grandview High School.

The test day was a result of weeks of preparation leading up to the test. The test took about four hours.

Zola Fields was just one of the students who took the test that day.

“It felt like I was in there forever,” Fields said. “I felt like I didn’t have enough time and I didn’t feel like I did as well as I hoped.”

In the weeks leading up to the test juniors went to a class to prep for the ACT instead of going to Bulldog Block. To get prepared they took tests to practice and also watched videos on how they could pass the ACT.

Akara Hamilton said the training was helpful.

“I learned more about English rules. The whole ACT was helpful,” Hamilton said.

Now that the testing process is complete, students should receive results in 3-8 weeks.