GHS students honored by Elks Club

Toni Graves, Reporter/Photographer

By the end of the school year 12 senior students will have been recognized by the Grandview Elks Club.

The Elks Lodge of Grandview started this program. It is for students who demonstrate strong character and  leadership skills.

GHS English teacher Amy Cameron, who coordinates the program, says, “Students are chosen based on their character, by being inspiring, honest and a great person overall.”

All the staff can vote on a senior boy and girl that they think best fits the position.

The following students have been chosen so far this year: Micah Blankenship and Vanessa Aceves for September, and Tiffany Johnston and Cody Willoughby for October.

After the school year is over and all 12 students are chosen, one boy and one girl are chosen out of all 12, to receive a $500 check on Senior Night.

“Most of the students who have  received the money have used it to pay for some portion of their college tuition,” says Cameron.